It was a really beautiful experience, and it honestly did change my life. Although it was quite intense, it was also extremely enjoyable throughout.

I'd go back and do it again in a heartbeat.

Benjamin Kai Mack, Age 17. Musician


What a fantastic five days! Thank you so much. The course was profoundly meaningful for me and definitely surpassed my expectations (which were already high!). Your facilitation is brilliant, really inclusive and enabling... I was especially impressed, though, by the way you deliver that knowledge and experience with such humility and grace.
Really authentic. And it was fantastic fun, of course - it was like being a kid again, playing games in the woods, but being able to do that with an ever expanding awareness and sensitivity. I thought it was a brilliant combination of practical skills and spiritual development, and quite unique in that....

John Wadsworth, Astrologer


The deepest and most lasting change I've experienced has been through the work I've done with Ben.

Kamlyn Chak, Childrens Yoga Teacher




I heard about the course as a passing comment from an online friend and something resonated very deeply within me. Looking at the website, I had little idea what the course was really about and what potential it had for growth and transformation. This is not the sort of work you can slap a catchy label onto!
During the seven days, I had several very profound experiences. One was experiencing, for the first time, being "held" by mother earth. Another was gaining a whole new sense of my personal power. And I felt called to a very new way of living my life. All of these experiences were very soulful and grounding. Into the Heart of the Earth took me out of my head and dropped me into my soul and the embodiment of Spirit.

...a week after the course, I was called upon to use the skills I had learned in very practical ways, both in the middle of the city and in a woodland. It was great to realise I had not only learned, but integrated, these skills...

Rev. Tracy W. Longacre, B.A. Religion & the Humanities, MBA Management, MLA Creation Spirituality


Ben Rayners' teaching and approach to life are highly unusual and unique in my experience. The ongoing benefits that I have received in doing this work have been profound and sustained. Perhaps the single most important benefit is that I have been able to connect more strongly with my emotional world...This is hugely transformative, allowing for more honesty, clarity and compassion in my communicating and relating.

I have previously done much practical work in similar fields to the one nurtured by Ben but this is the only course that has successfully taken me out of my head and into my heart. I can recommend Ben's course unreservedly and am grateful to Ben for his generosity of spirit, his desire to share his experiences, and the spiritual knowledge he is passing on to others.

Mark Phillips, Property Investment Manager


An amazing week full of extraordinary and profound unfolding. Beautiful, gentle woodland for often powerful work. Ben holds the space with incredible versatility and acute listening. His obvious ability to respond from that listening is testament to his authentic seat in the work he is teaching. This is not just a week in the woods but more a spiritual journey...

Rebecca Card, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Somatic Movement Facilitator


...I feel like I’ve been given the keys to a long forgotten magical kingdom...

Oliver Read, Gardener


Had a wonderful time on Into The Heart of the Earth, and highly recommend it. It was the most fun I'd had outdoors in years, possibly since I was a kid. A real mix of practical bush craft and techniques, both mental and physical, designed to help expand awareness, connect with the natural surroundings and to cultivate our innate 6th sense.

The techniques really did work, much to my amazement being a sceptic! Ben is a great teacher, he explained things clearly and simply in a relaxed atmosphere and didn't overload us with too much information. He pushed us, but gently. The setting, an unmanaged private wood, was intimate and perfect for the course. At times the work was challenging, but there was also time to just sit back, relax and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. I look forward to doing more of the same with Ben in the future.

Peter Burbery, Computer Programmer


I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Ben Rayner and "Into the Heart of Earth". I did things that took me out of ego and I was heavenly surprised at what I did and managed. I came home, as it were! I highly recommend this to anyone... and look forward to the next! ....Cheers Ben

Christian Smith, Photographer


It was a progressive shedding of all the veils that have been clouding my perception until that moment. Opening to life using the tools and guidance offered has brought strength and magic into my existence...

Tiara Taverniti, Adventure and Survival School Instructor