Rewilding Consciouness

A day course.

A shift in the way we use our Awareness that opens the Doors of Perception.


Rewilding Consciousness breaks the conditioned and involuntary pattern of continually focusing, then moving and refocusing, our attention. (Like permanently clenching a muscle). Releasing ourselves from this habitual tension, we drop into a deeply relaxed state of heightened awareness and presence.


We lose the filters that limit our experience of the totality of being.


We become open to nature, the spirit that infuses nature with life force, and our own sense of belonging within the web of life.


We experience ourselves, the world, and our place within it, in a profoundly different way.


Simultaneously Aware within all our senses, the world becomes as it is, a magical place to be.


~ A meditative state of awareness within one or two minutes.

Highly functional and interactive.


~ Less pushed and pulled by the constant stimulation, and demands on our attention, of modern life.

We can be in the city without feeling drained or fragmented.


We become less prone to being overrun by our thoughts.

and better able to choose where we place our attention.


~ We experience directly the ‘Spirit that moves through all things.'

a felt awareness of the unified field that underlies physical reality.


~We experience inner silence, a sense of being at peace within ourselves.


    • ~ Nature becomes more alive, more vivid, more real, even in the heart of the city.


      ~ Attention is steadier.

      ~ The ability to absorb and recall information is enhanced.


      ~ Intuition is easier to access.


      ~ It shuts down the 'labeller'. Without the usual interface of our thoughts describing what we're perceiving, we access a direct perception of reality.


      ~ Awareness of energy and energy fields is heightened.


      ~ Sensitive to subtler layers of input, the nature spirit realm is more readily felt.

  • Ex A

Natural Movement

  • How we move affects our consciousness, and directly reflects our inner state.


    Applying ways of moving common to indigenous cultures throughout the world, natural movement brings us more fully into a relationship with our bodies and the way they connect us to the Earth.


    It is the way we are designed to move. Using our muscles as shock absorbers we no longer send shockwaves through our body or the surrounding environment, relieving stress on joints and mind.


    We become synchronised with the rhythms of nature. We flow through the landscape (or cityscape) with ease. We feel the life force within and around us, and become able to sense the world in a way that goes beyond the physical.

    To move in harmony with the heartbeat of creation.

We both love and long for nature. We are nature.

Reconnecting to our natural way of being here

reminds us we belong, here.


The next day courses at:

Robins Nest Yurt, Emerson College, Forest Row. East Sussex. RH18.

10.30 a.m.- 4.30 p.m.


are Sundays



Cost £60


Please contact Ben to book.


If finance is an issue, please feel free to talk to me.



I feel as though I've been given the keys to a long forgotten magical kingdom. .....Oliver Reed. Gardener.


Reviews from a Masterclass presentation:

~ It was one of those moments where time felt like it stood still. Hard to explain other than to say it was a deeply powerful workshop.


~ Beautiful man. Great workshop. Stopped us all in our tracks and gave us food for thought.

~ Very strong work. Deep magic beautifully led and extremely clearly delivered.

~ This was a profound experience..... Bens teaching is kind and powerful and I was honoured to see nature as he does.



Feedback from day courses:


~ Your course has literally changed my life. I am so much present with my children and my partner that I can not believe it. Thank you, you really do magic.




~ ... I got so much from the gentle guidance and perception shifts that Ben offered throughout the day....he's a master teacher and I highly recommend taking the time to spend a day with him and his nature magic!'
Rosanna Kalliabetsos.. Yoga Teacher


~ I believe that the work Ben is bringing to his clients is unique and empowering and I have witnessed deep change in people’s worldview on completing this work.                                                                                              

Churaig MacNial  B.A.  B.Ed.


Feedback from a series of workshops within the mental healthcare sector of the N.H.S:

~ Gentle, powerful profound practice and presence. Ben has shown me an alternative way of using our attention skills and awareness to enable a healthy and balanced state of mind, an incredibly simple, yet effective technique that allows me to feel normal again. 

After years of being stuck in my head, I feel grounded in my own body.  I can feel my feet on my floor and wind in my hair.  I can have one clear stream of thought in my head instead of the ten that I sometimes had before.....  Although sceptical at first, I have started using the technique regularly.  Consequently, I feel that my thinking is clearer and more focused.  My body feels refreshed and energized, and I feel more inclined to use my creative potential. 
George Carroll... Social worker


~ Reduced anxiety, increased clarity, better decision making, more present.  It’s been fantastic, learnt many things that will help me in my private and work life .....

~ Helped me to escape/slowdown thought processes ...        


~ More aware of surroundings… less anxious, less stressful, more in control. Helps me to relax...


Community Mental Healthcare Team Staff

Rewilding Consciousness is available as a day course, or as a shorter masterclass. It is the primary thread that runs through the immersion courses.

See the dates page for this years schedule, or contact Ben to organize one in your area.